My experience has far exceeded my expectations. I've been taking guitar lessons here for over a year and I could not be happier. Robert is a true professional. His lesson plan is well thought out and I feel like he tailored it just for me. He has an incredible knack of knowing what I  can achieve week to week. He is a patient and knowledgeable teacher and truly a master of the instrument in any genre. For me, he has demystified making music. I can't believe the progress I have made. If you want a safe, clean environment to really learn and play music, I highly recommend Gallagher's Music.

Great teacher, makes you feel confident playing early on and tailors the lessons for your interests.

"To anyone looking for a guitar teacher in the metro Detroit area: Rob's your man.  I've self-taught myself for the past two years and I felt I had reached my limit and needed some one-on-one instruction. I feel lucky that I have found Rob as an instructor.

I had been looking for a good teacher for several months. I found other instructors in the area that were very good guitar players, but maybe not the best teacher. Rob is very talented and also a very patient, thoughtful instructor. He's also a pretty nice guy!  From guitar technique to music theory, I have already learned so much in the past month and I'm very excited to keep going.

I live in Novi and drive to Huntington Woods for the lessons. It's a bit of a drive, but well worth the time. Again, if you're looking for a guitar teacher -- Rob is your man. Go see him! You will not be disappointed."

I really enjoy getting guitar lessons from Robert. His teaching style is very warm and inviting. He has a knack for challenging you but also letting you progress at your own pace. Lastly, his personal ability to play is awesome. I often sit there amazed watching his skill in action. Highly recommended!!

I have fully enjoyed working with Robert thus far. He is professional and caring about your music goals. When I started I was barely able to  make basic chords and had limited knowledge of music. He helped fix my mechanics of how to properly play and hold the guitar. Feel like I'm making huge strides every single week which has me very excited to practice. I would rank him an excellent teacher, being versatile for  different genres of music. I can honestly say I would give up my cable bill each month to take his lessons. I’m very appreciative of his help.

"Music Lessons At Their Best!" Complete UNDERSTATEMENT!  Not only is Rob patient and extremely well versed in guitar training/playing but also extremely caring and thoughtful.  I've been going to Gallagher's Music for several years and Rob continues to push my knowledge and skill level further and further.  My weekly appointments are never enough and I excitedly look forward to them every week!  The environment is completely comforting and the pace is always on the student's terms.  Honestly, I can not say enough about the lessons as well as the shop!  The shop is always stock full of amazing new and great products at extremely great prices.  Forget guitar center... they're a rip off!  Not only does Rob try all of his own products that he carries, he only carries the best of the best!  I love my appointments and look forward to them after each one has ended!  I might be an old dog but Rob has DEFINITELY taught me some new tricks. THANK YOU Rob and Sadie!  I feel like the Gallagher's are more friends than a business!  Keep up the amazing work!  I can't wait for what's next!"

Robert is the perfect mix of talented musician and organized businessman. My son has been taking lessons and purchasing equipment from Gallagher's Music for over 8 years, and we could not be happier! Kind, flexible, supportive, and great at what they do!!

I recently signed up for guitar lessons with Robert Gallagher. My goal is to read music and to play my favorite songs. After 3 weeks, I have already learned one of them! He is very encouraging, passionate, and cares about his students. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking for guitar lessons. He is a wonderful teacher and a great guitarist. Hands down, the best guitar instructor in Michigan. Worth every penny!

"I have been playing guitar for over 25 years in my spare time.  Recently I had an opportunity to join the praise band at church.  Robert was able to help focus and improve my playing over the summer.  I am now able to accompany a professional band.  Robert also introduced me to the Larrivee LSV-11 acoustic guitar which i now proudly own.  Robert can fit any person to a guitar that suites their needs and playing level.  I am truely blessed to have Robert inspiring me to reach my musical potential.  You will find a similar experience at Gallagher's Music, looking for lessons or to purchase new equipment."

I have a family of five and we all take lessons from Gallagher's music. My three boys and myself take guitar lessons and my wife and the three boys take piano as well. They are the best hands down. We been everywhere for music teachers and Gallagher's is fantastic.

Lessons: abundant patience, enthusiasm, encouragement, energy, and knowledge. Merchandise: well-stocked and thought out. Location: small place with enormous heart.

"First of all, Robert is a great guitarist - as you can see on his website.  He is a great instructor.  He is knowledgeable of theory, guitars and music.  My guitar is the one that he recommended.  He considers the size of the guitar that is best for the player.  I don't know much about the guitar but I think what he recommends are all above certain quality because he loves music and he knows the sound.  I LOVE my guitar!  People who are serious about playing or learning the guitar should visit Gallagher's Music."

Robert is a great instructor and extremely skilled at both playing and teaching multiple genres of music. He is adept at instructing not only children, but also adults either looking to get over that playing "plateau" or picking up an instrument for the first time. His lessons are flexible, so that you're learning what you'd like to learn. Lastly, he's very computer-savvy and after a move I was able to continue taking lessons remotely using Skype and other online tools without skipping a beat. I would strongly recommend Robert as an instructor.

Robert is a wonderful teacher. Positive. Enthusiastic. And a great guitarist. It is a very professionally run business.

"The best guitar instructor I have come across.  My 8 year old daughter's skills improved multifold.  Thank you Robert!"

I have 3 children that have all taken lessons with Robert. He is not only very talented and an amazing teacher, but he has extreme patience. He tailors his lessons to the individual and helps them learn at a pace this right for them. He is the best!

Robert is a fantastic teacher, not just in "how to play". He teaches theory too! His guitars are beautiful and he will recommend a guitar that's best for your body frame. Do you need an accessory? He has it all. Robert is a professional musician, teacher, and business man who puts his students first.

"Robert is a terrific instructor for a number of reasons: I am a 40-year old beginner (yes, you can learn to play at 40!).  I have no real musical experience to speak of (grade school trumpet for a couple years, but nothing after that).  But I've been a life long music fan (all different kinds) due to the influence of my "hippie" parents.

I found Robert through this ClickForLessons service after I decided to take my interest to the music store and buy a guitar (initially an acoustic, but I recently went "electric" also).  I've been taking lessons with Robert since July 2006 and have enjoyed every minute of them.

On more than one occasion, I have brought a "cool" song to my lesson and Robert used it to emphasize either things I was working on or something new that complimented my lesson plan.  He does a great job of breaking techniques and methods down into manageable pieces, helping me match my lessons to the goals I have in learning to play (this is especially important to those of us with many other things competing for our attention)."

I have nothing but positive things to say about Gallagher's Music. Robert is an excellent teacher and very patient with my 5 year old son. He motivates him with picking music that he is interested in and uses a chart that allows him to visually see his progress in class. My son always looks forward to his weekly lesson. I would highly recommend Gallagher’s Music to anyone!

I want to give a big shout out and thank you to our friend and Joe's guitar and bass instructor Robert Gallagher! We have known Robert for about 7 years; he has helped to foster Joe's love of music, and has really become a mentor to him. Robert is the rare person that possesses both tremendous creativity and a keen business sense. He is so kind and always accommodating to his students. Check out his wonderful business, based right here in Huntington Woods - take in-studio guitar or bass lessons, and rent or buy top quality equipment from Robert, or he will team you up with top instructors for cello, violin, drums and more right in your own home.

"Robert Gallagher is a great instructor.  I am in my 40's and picked up the guitar for the first time in my life.  Robert has helped me to learn to play and is patient with my busy work travel schedule."

Rob is a great musician and a great teacher. His ability to merge knowledge of the guitar and practical application is superb. I love the way Rob approaches music as if it were learning a language, after all, music is all about making your instrument sing with emotion and feeling. Rob also has the ability to cover all technical bases with his vast background in classical and jazz. Just watching him play is worth the cost of the lesson. From day one, Rob will tailor your lessons to your own personal goals and desires. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, everyone can learn something from Rob. His studio is warm and inviting and we always laugh a lot during sessions. He also has a ton of killer guitars for sale in his shop. If you want to take your playing to the next level, definitely check out Gallagher’s music.

"Robert is an amazing teacher who builds as much self-esteem in his students as he does skills. As an adult student who's just starting a musical journey, I am so grateful to have been sent his way."

"Robert is patient and always encouraging.  He is able to find something positive to say about my playing even when I feel I have made no progress.  That positive reinforcement as well as constructive critiquing makes all the difference.  I highly recommend Gallagher's Music to anyone looking for outstanding guitar instruction."

Robert is a great instructor, and is very easy to follow and work with. I would recommend anyone to Robert for guitar lessons.

"Gallagher's Music has the best instruction in Michigan. Robert is incredibly talented and cares about his students. His recent book is an effective teaching tool."

"Robert is a great guitar teacher who really listens to his students.  He finds out why they want to play guitar and how they will define success after they've completed their lessons.  He then develops a lesson plan to help them achieve their goals.  I'd recommend Robert if you're a beginner or even if you are looking to take your guitar playing to the next level."

Very professional and knowledgeable. His studio at home is quiet, clean and peaceful unlike other public music stores.

"Gallagher's Music- has a diverse selection of guitars and accessories. Robert is very knowledgeable and helpful with purchasing and maintaining your instrument. Robert Gallagher of Gallagher's Music has been teaching my 6 year old son guitar for just over a year. He is patient and knowledgeable. My son is also learning to read music, music theory and the discipline and diligence it takes to become proficient. Most importantly he is learning to love music and is having fun doing it!"

Robert is a terrific instructor for a number of reasons.  He is comfortable and fluent with all forms and styles of music.  For me, this makes every lesson very enjoyable because I can explore my different musical interests during my lessons and Robert quickly adapts to this.

Robert is very good about listening to me, my musical goals/aspirations and interests, and helping me integrate all of these elements effectively into my lessons and practice sessions.  I especially like how Robert adapts his instructional style, approach and material to each individual student.  He recognizes that everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds.  He is not set in a single approach or method of learning or teaching.

Overall, I find my lessons with Robert are always very informative, challenging, but most importantly, fun!  Robert does a great job of making learning fun without being intimidating.  I definitely look forward to my lesson time every week, and find I leave his studio eager to "crank up my amp to 11!" the rest of the day (if only I had the time to do so...)!

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